Amazing Corkscrew Is a Mechanical Masterpiece

In a nutshell, this elaborate corkscrew by British designers at Oneofonehundred is kind of like a cross between orrerys, elaborate clocks, and a Rube Goldberg machine—all wrapped up with a steampunk vibe.

No matter how you look at it, the elegance of the complicated design is mesmerizing. Unfortunately, only 100 of the devices will be produced (as the name of the studio implies), and they will surely be outrageously expensive. So, most of us will have to continue relying on simple corkscrews to get the job done. Me? I'll continue to drink boxed wine in an alley thank you very much. [Oneofonehundred via Cooking Gadgets]

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Quite impressive, but it's only good for the first glass. I have to pour the rest? Ridiculous!!!