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Amazon Fresh's Same-Day Delivery to Lazies Continues NYC Metro Creep

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After a soft launch in a Brooklyn neighborhood, more New Yorkers can now order Amazon Fresh. For a limited time, Amazon Prime members in certain ZIP codes will be able to get free same-day delivery of over 500,000 goods, including groceries, electronics, and items from local vendors. But there's still a ways to go.

The Amazon Fresh trial started a couple of weeks ago in Park Slope. For now, it looks like the company has simply expanded the reach of Amazon Fresh into other Brooklyn neighborhoods like Fort Greene. The handful of Manhattan ZIP codes we tried still weren't eligible; Williamsburg will also have to wait. Amazon isn't revealing exactly where the service is available outside of ZIP code searches, though, so it's entirely possible that some of the suburbs are now in the mix as well.


But don't fret if you're not a lucky Brooklynite. Amazon Fresh will continue to expand throughout New York City. Furthermore, you survived without being able to get anything you wanted delivered on demand this long. You can wait a few weeks more. With two more new perks announced this week—free cloud photo storage and free shipping on third party sites—you should also seriously consider becoming an Amazon Prime member. [Amazon]

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