Amazon Prime, the Best Deal in Tech, Just Keeps Getting Better

For years we've been saying that an Amazon Prime subscription is simply the best deal in tech. You get so darn much for your money that you'd be crazy not subscribe. And in the few months since we last said it, Prime has only become a better deal, thanks to new services like today's unveiling of Prime Music.

Indeed, we came to Prime's defense back in March because Amazon had decided to finally increase the price of a membership from $79 to $99. We defended Prime then because it was still a steal. In the months that have passed, however, Prime Instant Video became the only streaming video service to carry the HBO back catalog. A dope addition. And earlier today, Amazon announced Prime Music, which gives members access to more than one million songs for the additional cost of exactly zero. Yup, Prime rules, and it just keeps getting better.


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