Amazon's Android Tablet Is Way More Than Just a Kindle

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The Kindle isn't the only special plastic rectangle Amazon wants you to buy: the WSJ claims the book-and-deodorant-and-virtually-everything seller is readying its Android tablet by October. And that's besides the long-gestating touch Kindle.

The proper tablet'll be a nine-incher, forego a camera, and plug straight into Amazon's media bank. But, the Amazondroid (keeping my fingers crossed for that name) won't supplant any of the Kindle's shine—at least not according to Amazon's plan. In fact, two new Kindles are on their way, according to the same Journal report. One will add a touchscreen, with the second being "an improved and cheaper adaptation of the current Kindle." They'll both still be black-and-white E-ink.


This news isn't wholly surprising—we've had a pretty good idea for a while what an Amazon tablet would be like, that it would directly tap into Amazon's steadily expanding streaming and downloadable media offerings—perhaps with a freshly valuable all-you-can-eat Prime membership. But now we know how big it'll be. And that "roughly nine-inch screen" says a lot. It's not looking to simply be a better Nook Color, but a real tablet fighting the iPad and every other major slate thing out there. And maybe, just maybe, that fat, direct line to everything Amazon's got to offer will give us a reason to turn our heads away from iOS and iTunes. [WSJ]

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~ Pastafaria Joe ~

This sounds like an excellent idea...

Too bad it prolly won't compare to the Xoom or the Transformer :C

I still want a Transformer so bad... My roommate got one a few weeks ago... it's so sexy...