Amazon's DRM-Free MP3 Store Likely to Launch Mid-September

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Amazon will probably launch its DRM-free music store in the next few weeks, according to sources in the New York Post, joining Wal-Mart and others in posing the first real threat to the iTunes Music hegemony. As Ars and others have reported, Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos adopted an MP3-only strategy so that the music Amazon sells can play on iPods "any device." Trouble is, it may be a half-assed music store, with Sony and Warner still mum on the subject of stripped DRM. [Reuters/Yahoo]



@ComicDork: "can't even copy iTunes right."

That sentence makes me sad. eMusic came first. eMusic basically invented the online mp3 market. Then Napster comes along, screws up the business, and record companies THEN realize that selling mp3s is probably a good idea. Once it became an issue, then Apple comes in with iTunes, and does the job well. eMusic, which had taken a serious hit from Napster, find that it can only compete with iTunes by going solely to independent labels.

The history is kind of irrelevant now, only the practical reality effects the market. iTunes is more successful right now, pretty much end of story.

But it's such a shame to hear people say that eMusic copies iTunes, or tries to. eMusic was the original. But yet again the false idea is perpetuated that Apple did something innovative.