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AMC Teased 'Interview With the Vampire Uncut' and Played Fans for Fools

The graphic appeared on Rotten Tomatoes and fueled some unhinged speculation, only to disappoint all of us in the end.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The first thing that came to mind when I heard that there would be an “uncut” version of Interview With the Vampire released on AMC was stunned disbelief. The first episode of AMC’s Interview With the Vampire had two men having sex mid-air. Like... if that made it through, what weren’t we seeing?

Speculation appeared on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, instantly. This was the unhinged version, the full nude version, this was where everyone literally ate human flesh on screen. In fairness, social media was just as confused as I was. This show was already pushing the boundaries of good taste, so what on Earth was left on the cutting room floor?


Lucky for you dear reader, you don’t have to live in suspense, as it turns out that “IWTV uncut” is not, as I hoped and dared to dream, a raunchier, gorier, bloodier, more soft-core-porny version of Interview With the Vampire. Instead, it’s... an ad-free edition of the series, according to an AMC spokesperson who confirmed the new release with io9. This is deeply baffling and frustrating, as Interview With the Vampire is already streaming ad-free on Max and AMC+... but who knows. This “uncut” version might be in anticipation of an adjusted purchase option on AMC+, which might cause ad breaks for lower tiers. Maybe it’s a promotion for that? It’s just very big brained of AMC to make a whole fandom go wild for 12 hours over a promotion for something that seemingly already exists.

I didn’t need an uncensored version of Interview With the Vampire; what we got was plenty. There was not a lot left to the imagination, and honestly, god bless showrunner Rolin Jones for feeding us that good. But to tease an “uncut” version and then have it end up as a “no-commercial-breaks” edition as if that’s now how it landed on AMC originally? Very weird! 


Regardless, Interview With the Vampire “Uncut” will be available on AMC+ on September 25. It is currently available to stream on AMC+ and Max.

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