It may not technically be the world's fastest processor, but AMD squeezed an overclocked Guinness World Record number out of its impending 8-core FX CPU: 8.429 GHz, beating the previous global high of 8.308 GHz. Intel fanboys, begin your outrage!

It's a massively impressive number from the unlocked chip, but one you're not going to come anywhere close to on your own, unless you have several giant canisters of liquid nitrogen handy every time you want to start gaming. But even that wasn't enough, as the team had to switch over to blasts of liquid helium to crack the world record threshold. Maybe you'll be able to achieve something more reasonable with your trusty air-cooled heatsink—the team was able to top 5 GHz with only sub-$100 air and water methods. Or maybe this video will persuade you to invest in industrial-grade coolants. I bet that thing was flying through Excel docs like a motherfucker on PCP. [AMD]


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