America Might Be About To Get Its First Indoor Throwing Star Range

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If this website is to be believed, come 2014, Lexington, Kentucky could easily replace Orlando, Florida as the most popular vacation spot in the country. Because next spring the city will be host to the nation's first indoor throwing star range and sake bar. Because nothing goes better with rice wine than a throwable metal weapon with multiple razor-sharp blades.

Ninjas' website links out to a Lexington-based marketing agency called Cornett, so there's unfortunately good reason to think this might be nothing more than a publicity stunt. But the address appears to be an actual building, and the site boasts such amenities as lessons, and a wide range of shurikens to buy. We're incredibly hopeful no one is pulling our leg on this one, because this is something the nation needs, and if it's real and succeeds, Ninjas claims it's ready to franchise out the brand. [Ninjas Indoor Throwing Star Range via Notcot]

Photo by Shutterstock/3dfoto