A Shaolin Monk Piercing a Pane of Glass With a Needle Is Why You Need Slow-Mo

There’s a lot of mythology around what a martial arts master is capable of, from leaping between buildings to turning invisible. But The Slow Mo Guys and their slow-mo camera spent some time with three Shaolin monks who demonstrated an amazing ability to throw a needle through a sheet of glass.


As far as ninja-like skills go, throwing a needle with such tremendous force isn’t immediately as impressive as hurling shurikens. But through the lens of a high-speed camera it looks superhuman—and as a tool for taking out an enemy (like a balloon that disrespected your family), a needle might actually be the perfect covert weapon.



Several things.

1 - I can do without the bullshit “he’s channeling his energy through his hand.” No he’s not. What the fuck.

2 - The needle doesn’t go through the glass. It chips the glass, and the fragments on the other side pop the balloon.

3 - Who provided the glass? What kind of glass is it?

I’m not remotely convinced that this isn’t something most people could do with a monthish of practice.