Watch the World's Worst Child Ninja Try to Disable His Dad's Home Security Cam

Because they use wide-angle lenses, home security cameras are able to capture much more of the scene than a conventional camera can. This is the kind of info you might wanna know before you try to secretly turn off one your dad has set up in the living room, as one YouTube user’s son recently tried—and utterly failed—to do.


Jeremy Gabrysch’s kids kept sneaking downstairs to party in the living room in the middle of the night, getting busted each time by their dad’s Nest camera. Eventually, his son figured out who was snitching on their nightly exploits, and decided to use his amateur ninja skills to sneak up on the camera and turn it off. The shut-down mission itself probably worked, but Gabrysch had little trouble figuring out who was responsible.

[YouTube via Tastefully Offensive]



Flip the breaker? Then disable as needed. Hindsight.