An Apple A Day Makes The Doctor... Available, Apparently

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Inspired by our suggestion to deal with the current Doctor Who drought by dipping back into the series' pre-Russell T Davies history? If you're an iTunes user, that's just been made easier than ever before: the BBC has released fourteen classic stories from the '60s, '70s and '80s on Steve Jobs' favorite DRM-happy resource - including episodes unavailable on DVD.The stories available in their entirety (Stories lasted multiple episodes before the relaunch, and the iTunes store offers each story episode by episode) are suspiciously Jon Pertwee-heavy, but also include offerings from the Patrick Troughton, Tom Baker and Colin Baker eras. While we could understand skipping the William Hartnell (too old and rare) and Sylvester McCoy (let's face it, too crap, even with Sophie Aldred's Ace) Doctors, what's going on with the complete lack of Peter Davison? Don't let that scare you away from looking at what's available, though; in addition to relative rarities like Terror Of The Autons and The Krotons, stories like The Ark In Space and especially The Three Doctors are well worth investigating. (While you're there, why not pick up the free first episode of Primeval, in case you missed it last week?) Doctor Who: The Classic Series [iTunes] (Via)



Yeah, City of Death ownz.

Love that one.

Great humour, good story. I think Douglas Adams co-wrote that one. (personaly though I felt some of his other Dr Who storys quite lacky).


Shouldnt these be all free for English viewers?

Will putting them on Itunes mean they wont appear (eventualy) on iPlayer and the BBC Archieve. (whenever they get that sorted).