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An Artist Has Made the Louvre's Pyramid Disappear

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Now you see it, now you don’t. Street artist JR’s latest work has seen him shroud the large pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris with material that, at a glance, makes it look like the structure has disappeared altogether.


The trompe-l’œil trick is, of course, often used to hide building works from view on busy city streets. But applying it an iconic structure in the name of art is quite something. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, JR explained:

“I always seek to attract people’s attention toward something, generally other people. Here, it is the absence of something that will make people bond. When arriving to the Louvre, people will all notice the absence and that will make them talk to each other and seek the right angle... I am curious to see how people will react now.”


The vanishing act will remain in place for a month, during which JR will take over the entire museum for a day. Should be interesting to see what he does on the inside.