An Artist Turned the Chaos of Urban Sprawl Into a Series of Hypnotic Animations

At some point, you’ve probably found yourself mindlessly scrolling around Google Maps’ satellite view while bored at work. But artist Páraic McGloughlin saw Google Maps as more than just a distraction, and by painstakingly capturing very specific road layouts and agricultural features, he was able to create a series of captivating animations.

The animations were assembled into a short film called Arena that feels less like you’re looking at satellite imagery and more like you’re watching a genuine piece of art play out before your eyes. Instead of appearing garish and chaotic, McGloughlin turns the scars of urban sprawl—property lines, roads, and structures—into something beautiful.

[Vimeo via PetaPixel]

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Most of those pictures are rural, which is the opposite of urban. And seeing the same layouts repeated over and over again in different places is a pattern, which is the opposite of chaos.