An Avengers casting rumor that won't die, Inception hints, and a Eureka sneak peek

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Some rumors are just too good to die, and apparently Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye is one of them. Cillian Murphy promises Inception won't leave you cold. George Romero thinks there's plenty of life in the Dead series. So many spoilers!


The Avengers:

Hurt Locker star and all around awesome dude Jeremy Renner is apparently back in the running for Hawkeye, something that's been rumored since last year. There's apparently no particularly solid reason to think this is happening, but hey, Renner did appear on Angel this one time, and Joss Whedon is now directing The Avengers, so that's more than enough proof for us. [Cinematical]


Costar Cillian Murphy says he's central to the film's narrative - which makes sense, considering his character poster identifies him as "the mark" and the film is (at least in theory) a heist movie. Murphy also says the film has a very strong emotional core and isn't just a cold, abstract thriller. Oh, and he's always up for coming back as Scarecrow in Batman 3, but Christopher Nolan hasn't asked him and he'd never approach him about it. [ScreenRant]

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World:

Screenwriter Michael Bacall cryptically revealed that at least one sequence from the original comics was pretty much impossible to realize on film, although he wouldn't reveal what it was and didn't exactly say it wasn't in the film. Whatever he's talking about, it probably isn't from the first volume of the comics, which were apparently left almost unchanged in the adaptation process and form what he calls a pretty perfect first act for the film. [/Film]


The Dead Series:

Director George Romero - whose movies are apparently the only thing more unkillable than the zombies he puts in them - wants to make at least another two sequels to his latest effort, Survival of the Dead. His latest movie is spinning off one of the character threads from his previous entry, Diary of the Dead, and the next two movies would follow other groups of characters from Diary before bringing all their stories together. As for the next set of protagonists: [Cinema Blend]

"There's a group of looters, African Americans, that are sort of holed up in the city and that would be probably the next group. Then I'd sort of wrap it all up with the blond character, Tracy, who gets away at the end from our main group."



There are six - six! - sneak peeks up for the two-hour, de facto series finale, "Future Shock": [SpoilerTV]

Now, for those seeking resolution from the upcoming season-turned-series finale, we have good news - sort of. Yes, the finale will reveal whether the characters' visions of the future will in fact come true. However, Agent Mark Benford is going to throw a monkey wrench in the works (as is his wont) by finding out the date of the next blackout, leaving the series on an unresolved cliffhanger. To the spinoff comics! [Korbi TV]



A new promo is out for season four and it looks... pretty damn cool. OK, Eureka, consider yourself promoted:

As for its upcoming crossover with Warehouse 13, we still haven't seen any images from the episode itself - but perhaps this shot of Eureka's Neil Grayston and Warehouse 13's Allison Scagliotti together can hold us over until then. [SciFiWire]


True Blood:

There's a new poster up teasing the new third season. It's probably worth reading that caption up at the top there:


Also, the twelfth and final episode of season three is called "Evil is Going On." [SpoilerTV]


It's now been officially confirmed: Misha Collins and Jim Beaver will be back next season as Castiel and Bobby, respectively. [Zap2it]


Paranormal Activity 2:

There's some confusion as to who exactly is returning to last year's record-breaking indie horror. Actor Micah Sloat says he and costar Katie Featherston will both return, but Featherston says she hasn't heard anything. She's in touch with her costars and director Orin Peli, but she says she won't know if her character is even in the next movie until Michael R. Perry finishes the screenplay. [MTV Movies Blog]



The upcoming movie that tells the oldest story in the book - you know, the story where a snake woman takes on human form when her lover is taken from her - has two new posters. Vengeance has a new sound, indeed: [ShockTillYouDrop]
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Am I the only one who doesn't want this Warehouse 13 / Eureka crossover? Especially since one of the W13 actors has been on Eureka before :/