An Even Better Look At Square-Enix's Captain America And Black Widow

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Recently, Square-Enix released teasers for the latest entry in their Marvel line of Play Arts Kai figures—a pretty damn rad Black Widow, and a significantly less-rad Captain America. But now we can get an even better look at the two in action... even though our initial impressions seem to hold out.

Let’s start with the good though: Black Widow is still looking kick-ass.


Aside from her Pistols and a knife, wide also comes with a series of alternate hands, and a set of FX pieces—two to make it look like her Widow’s bite gauntlets are firing of a projectile, and an electrified version of one of her little shock grenades. The figure will be out in Japan in December, and will set you back 13,800—or a whopping $110. Is it just me or is the Marvel Licensing tax on these figures getting higher and higher?


Still looks good though. And surprisingly covered up for a Play Arts Kai variant, in comparison to Tetsuya Nomura’s Cyber-Catwoman.

Meanwhile Captain Angles America still has enough sharp edges to look like he was rendered in an early-00’s PC game, alas. Not even a better look can make this Cap look exciting to me.


Cap is also sparsely accessorised compared to Natasha—the alternate hands are there, but aside from that there’s a peg to pose his Shield on his back, or a grip for when the Shield is in his hands.


Like Widow, there’s a major price boost though. Out in December with Black Widow, Cap will set you back an extra 1,000 yen with his 14,800 yen price tag—or roughly $120.


Although Widow ends up being a nicer figure mainly because she’s not a spiky mess, these two sort of continue to hammer home that the Marvel Variant’s line isn’t doing anything particularly exciting with these characters to make it worth it—even more so with the inflated prices on a regular Play Arts Kai figure. Hopefully at some point we’ll start seeing some crazier ideas from this series.

[Via Toyark]

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