Diamond Select's line of blocky minifigures have long done toys based on Marvel properties, and Age of Ultron is no exception. io9's got the first pictures of Cap, Widow and the gang for you to ogle over!

The packs will feature Iron Man and Black Widow (hey look toy companies, she does exist!), Cap and Thor, then two sets with Hawkeye - one featuring the creepily James-Spadery form of Ultron, the other, with Hawkeye in his snazzy new coat and a 'Sub-Ultron'. Presumably not Ultron himself, but one of the many drones we've seen wrecking stuff up in the trailers.


There'll also be a an alternative run of the minimates available through Toys R Us, replacing the Hawkeye double packs (poor Hawkguy) with a set featuring Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch - the first revealed AoU merchandise for the Maximoffs, huzzah:

Not gonna lie, I'm very excited to see how ridiculous Quicksilver's hair looks in each and every piece of merchandise for this movie. The Age of Ultron minimates will be out in time for the movie's release in May, at $10 per two pack.


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