An exclusive preview of Strange Adventures, DC Comics' new scifi anthology

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Here's an exclusive first look at "A 'True Story' From Saucer Country" by Action Comics and Doctor Who scribe Paul Cornell and artist Goran Sudzuka. This short story will appear in the resurrection of DC/Vertigo's science fiction anthology Strange Adventures.


The 80-page Strange Adventures #1 hits stores this Wednesday, May 25. In addition to the above tale, here are the other stories appearing in the anthology.

- "All The Pretty Ponies" by Lauren Beukes and Inaki Miranda
- "The White Room" by Talia Hershewe and Juan Bobillo
- "Case 21" by Selwyn Hinds and Denys Cowan
- "Postmodern Prometheus" by Kevin Colden
- "Ultra The Multi-Alien" by Jeff Lemire
- "Refuse" by Ross Campbell
- "Partners" by Peter Milligan and Sylvain Savoia
- "Spaceman" by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso