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An Extra-Long MicroUSB Tip Lets This Flash Drive Circumvent Phone Cases

Illustration for article titled An Extra-Long MicroUSB Tip Lets This Flash Drive Circumvent Phone Cases

If you're OK with doubling the thickness of your svelte Android smartphone with a chunky case, you've probably realized that the myriad of OTG microUSB flash drives out there won't actually attach to the bottom of your device. So SanDisk is throwing a bone to those of you paranoid about breaking your phone with a new USB 3.0 flash drive featuring a cartoonishly-long microUSB port that can reach past the thickest case.


Available in 16GB to 64GB capacities, the largest version sells for $65 and comes with a free accompanying app letting you schedule and manage data backups whenever the drive is connected to your phone. And not pictured is a pop-out standard USB port on the other end for connecting to a laptop as well. [SanDisk]

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Really wish someone would take this idea and apply it to iphone docks - I love being able to set my phones on a dock, but I always have a case of some kind...and all of the "Case friendly" docks I've found feel like china-knockoff-crap (and before anyone suggests it, I actually just ordered the hi-rise to give it a try)