An Unholy Breakfast Pact Is Made in the Latest Snifter of Blood Cereal Horror Tale

Dare you miss out on an interview with a Chocula?
Dare you miss out on an interview with a Chocula?
Image: Peter Snejbjerg/Ahoy Comics

For the past few years, Ahoy Comics’ Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror series has given us Mark Russell and Peter Snejbjerg’s wonderfully gothic take on the world of...breakfast cereal mascots? You wouldn’t think it’d work, but hey, Count Chocula exists for a reason—and we’ve got a look at his latest comic tale.


Russell and Snejbjerg’s Monster Serials adventures have re-imagined the world of of the Count and other breakfast icons into a grim, shared universe of tragedy and frosted treats. Here, Chocula—ahem, sorry, the Marquis de Cocoa—and his bride are despairing, Byronic figures, hidden in the darkness of their castle walls as they painfully entertain guests by daylight and sustain their vampiric lusts by night.

The Monster Serials is a satirical gothic about breakfast cereal monsters engulfed in actual horror stories,” Russell said in a brief statement provided to io9.They’re about the very real pain of betrayals, being transformed into a monster in the service of a purpose not your own, and the cruelty of being a vampire who is expected to show up for breakfast.”

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Image: Ryan Kelly/Ahoy Comics

As the series has developed, we’ve been introduced to the plight of the Lucky Charms’ own emerald icon, here the ousted King of the Leprechauns. Now in the latest spooky special—rebranded as Poe’s Snifter of Blood—as the dread General Post threatens realms beyond the Leprechaun’s own, he must reach out to Choclavania and see if he can find an ally in the Marquis and his wife...


Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Blood #2 hits shelves on November 18—and earlier editions of Snifter are available to order in trade paperback form now.


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Wasn’t there an old webcomic that basically did this? Breakfast of Champions I think it was called. Not sure if it’s still available to read, I think the creator took it down at one point, but later put it back up?

It’s worth looking at if you have any nostalgia for those old mascot characters and ever wondered “what would it be like if they all shared a world and also Count Chocula was the villain and killed some of them?”