An Unholy Union Between Comcast and EA May Bring Games to Your Cable Box

How does it make you feel to read Electronic Arts and Comcast in the same sentence? Frustrated? Apprehensive? Well for once two bads might make a good. Reuters reports that EA and Comcast are working on a deal that could bring games to your cable box.

What games in particular is a matter that's apparently still being discussed, though it's rumored it could include casual games like Plants Vs. Zombies to more robust stuff like Madden and FIFA. This deal would likely only affect users with Comcast's fancy X1 boxes.


The plan,according to Reuters, is to make buying a game as easy as buying a pay-per-view movie, although who knows how the actual experience would hold up against more devoted machines. Still, there are plenty of people with cable boxes would would never consider a console or gaming PC.

Microsoft may be running head first at cable boxes with its Xbox One and slew of original shows, but it looks like this is a street that goes both ways. Maybe this is just the tiniest point of light in the coming Comcast apocalypse. [Reuters]

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