Android Can Now Compete, Play With iOS Gamers With OpenFeint

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Aurora Feint's mobile social gaming network for Android launches today with top iOS games like Fruit Ninja, MiniSuadron, Super Slyder, The Moron Test, and Tic Tac Toe. Announced earlier this summer, OpenFeint aims to be a cross-platform gaming ecosystem.


OpenFeint features cross-platform leaderboards, achievements, and friending, allowing Android and iOS users to compete in the same games. In addition to OpenFeint, Aurora Feint is also introducing their Feint Spotlight app for Android. This will help users discover the best new games, win prizes in giveaways, and connect with the community.

The other games OpenFeint is bringing on to their network this month include:

• Face Fighter Gold
• Touch Racing Nitro
• Symbolism
• Cestos 2: Party Time
• Super KO Boxing 2
• Mega Jump
• Bomberman Dojo
• Must.Eat.Birds
• Solipskier
• Flick Kick Field Goal
• Flick Kick Football
• Flick Kick Rugby
• Kamikaze Race
• Dot
• Dot Dot

The Android versions of these games function almost exactly like their iOS counterparts, just with a slightly different user interface to make use of Android's additional buttons. And since the OpenFeint SDK is used by developers and embedded into games, new Apple Game Center users needn't worry—they can easily take advantage of both. [OpenFeint]




What saddens me about this, is in under 3 years we have cross platform mobile gaming. And still I cant play against people on 360 with my ps3.

What a joke sony/ms.