Android Developer Challenge 2 Winners: Grow, Marketplace, Grow

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Google's just announced the winners of the second Android Developer Challenge, a homegrown app competition that's produced some must-haves for seasoned Android owners and nervous new Droid users alike.


The overall winners: SweetDreams, which allows you to set specific nighttime settings (deflect incoming calls, disable Wi-Fi and GPS to save battery) automatically; What the Doodle?!, which is an online multiplayer game sort of like Pictionary; and WaveSecure, which lets you track your phone's location, backup data, remotely lock the device, remote wipe, and restore data. Those guys aren't super exciting to me, but the competition also resulted in some really cool ones.


Plink Art identifies artwork after you've taken a photo of it, so you can pretend you knew the difference between Monet and Manet the entire time; Celeste gives you an augmented reality view of the solar system; Car Locator remembers where you parked your car; and Andrometer measures the approximate distance from yourself to any object you can see. Check out the full list here. [Google Code]

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I was hoping Groove Shark mobile would have won. Stream all the music you like, as well as repeat function, with no annoying ads.