Android Wear Watchface Dresses Up Your Wearable Like an Apple Watch

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Less than a week from Apple's huge Apple Watch announcement and already lines are being drawn: Apple Watch vs. Android Wear. It seems like smartwatches will also come down to a matter of choosing sides, but one Android Wear watchface tries to pull the two opposing timepieces together.

UhrArt, creators of an Android Wear watchfaces app WearFaces, created a smartwatch design eerily similar to Apple's home screen. Through a free download, the design is available (in square and round versions) for any Android Wear smartwatch. Here's what UhrArt has to say:

So there is this big company, let's call it PEAR industries, which will release that awesome new product in 2015. They always tell how cool and innovative they are. So I decided, that it would be nice if we show the people following this company how cool our shiny products can be ;)


We've already fawned over mock-ups of what a round Apple Watch would've looked like, and now with the help of UhrArt (and a Moto 360) you can actually have one...kind of. Obviously, this watchface is really just window dressing. Since Android smartwatches don't come with the Apple's Digital Crown, this downloadable design is just for show. Even if it's just pure cosmetics, it's another example of a growing library of creative Android Wear watchfaces, which is quickly becoming one of the platform's most appealing features. [The Next Web]