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The latest incremental update for Android’s Camera app, version 2.5 is out, and according to Android Police, the most exciting stuff — a burst-fire mode that automatically finds the best image — is hidden under the hood.


According to a (non-conclusive) teardown of the app’s code, the 2.5 update is paving the way for a feature called ‘Smart Burst’. It looks like it will allow you to take burst-fire photos of a scene — but that’s not the magic part, since that comes baked in with every decent smartphone these. The phone will then analyze the photos, based on a list of criteria like the number of faces, eyes open and sharpness. The user will then get a shortlist of the best frames, presumably to save or spam all over Facebook.

Not only would this be a handy feature, especially for group shots — ever tried to get 20 people to look at a camera and not blink? — but it makes total sense. Google has been showing off its image processing and analyzing chops for years, first with Google+ features like Auto-Awesome, and more recently with the crazy-good search in the new Photos app. A smart burst feature backed up with Google’s extensive image smarts is completely logical, and could just make your drunken nights out a little less blurry. [Android Police]


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