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Angry Birds Firing Themselves at PC Gamers

Illustration for article titled Angry Birds Firing Themselves at PC Gamers

Famed Finnish mobile developer Rovio has announced a PC version of its smash physics game, along with its "Bad Piggy Bank" in-app carrier payment system for the Android release.


The slightly disappointing news is that in-app billing via the Bad Piggy Bank will launch on Finnish carrier Elisa first—with other global networks yet to join the direct payment scheme. The good news is Rovio will open up this billing system to other Android developers, should it catch on. [Arctic Startup]

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I already made a rant on reddit, so Ill just copypaste here:

how to make money on android: find popular flash game (crush the castle in angry birds case) found on many websites. Replicate game mechanics in android, change graphics.

Not to sound like an ass, but this is true for any mobile platform. They didnt do anything original (aside from the artwork), and in my opinion dont deserve to be making $1m+/mo. The original creators of crush the castle should be getting at least a portion of the money they are making.

Btw, if anyone wants to make a killing on android, make a game similar to turtle toss/nanaka crash, and change the graphics to something else, then rake in money.