Another Apple Lawsuit, This Time Re: Click Wheel Patent Infringement

In another giant twist of the decade, another company has decided to slap Apple with a lawsuit. This is becoming a common occurrence with LuxPro doing it and all of the Cisco shenanigans. This time Quantum Research Group is suing Apple claiming that the charge-transfer technology using in the iPod Click Wheel infringes on a patent that Quantum holds. What makes this lawsuit a little more plausible is that Quantum has done their research. Apparently the charge-transfer technology is not used in all iPods either, some iPods use a touch-sensor technology by Synaptics.


These lawsuits raise the obvious question: Does Apple feed off other's ideas, or are other companies just out to hurt Apple where they prosper, the wallet? It isn't too hard to imagine either case.

Apple sued over Click Wheel touch sensor technology [iLounge]

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