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In a patent lawsuit going on two years in the making, Taiwan DAP manufacturer Luxpro has won the case and retaliated by counter-suing Apple for $100 million. They are also preparing to ship their Super Tangent worldwide in 2007, too bad this style of Shuffle is old news. Oh, wondering who Luxpro is with their Shuffle clone? Let me dig into the 'ole Gizmodo vault for this one...

If you remember back in 2005, Luxpro introduced a DAP called the Super Shuffle that looked a hell of a lot like Apple's iPod Shuffle. They claimed it was a bit better because it included an FM transmitter, OLED display and more. Apple got all pissy and demanded that the Super Shuffle be taken off display at CEbit 2005. It seems the Apple pressure appeared to work after Luxpro renamed the device the Super Tangent. (By the way, the reviews said the Super Tangent sucked, majorly, but Apple was still pissed. So the patent-infringement lawsuit began, and here we are. It seems a little like David versus Goliath. David may have won once, but I don't think he wins twice in a row.


Luxpro wins case against Apple in Taiwan, seeking US$100 million in compensation [Via newlaunches]