App Store Approval Process Slowly Getting Less Horrendous?

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Maybe Phil Schiller wasn't talking out his apple as he's been reaching out to disgruntled iPhone developers, promising that Apple's improving the App Store approval process and making it less ridiculous. They actually fixed things for one developer they screwed.

A month ago, Apple rejected an application by Start Mobile featuring the iconic Obama "Hope" image by Shepard Fairey, stating the it "ridicules public figures." Typical App Store bullshit. But, hark! Start received an email from Apple the other day, that while it doesn't apologize, concedes that "after further investigation" Apple's decided it doesn't violate the App Store's terms. So Start can resubmit, and they'll get an "expedited review." Plus, the email's signed by a real human being, or at least a computer that calls itself Amy.


It's a small step, but it's a step nonetheless. We're still not holding our breath for Google Voice anytime soon, though. [TechCrunch]