Apparently iPhone 3GS Time Lapse Footage Can Be Pretty Phenomenal

The iPhone 3GS's video quality may not be all that impressive, but its 3MP stills can apparently capture some incredible time lapse photography provided you seek a suitably inspiring landscape.


Using TimeLapse, available for $2 in the App Store, along with a Gorillapod GoGo, available for $30, one iPhone user shot mountain cloud footage that's worthy of the Discovery Channel (standard def broadcast).

The quality is so good that I figured the reflection you can see in the clip revealed that the footage was phone—a mere camera aimed at a TV screen. But upon further examination, it looks to be an iPhone with the GoGo tripod mount reflecting in a window. [via BENM]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm all for timelapse but probably not on the iPhone. Since the quality is not that great, I'd rather be able to use my phone for making calls in the lapse of 8 hours (or whatever time period this is) then have it sit stationary while I can't use it for anything else.