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Apple 24-Inch and 30-Inch Cinema Displays To Be Discontinued (Update: Confirmed)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Based on a tweet by Macworld's Jason Snell, it seems that Apple's 24-inch and 30-inch Cinema Displays may be discontinued after the new 27-inch versions hit stores. Updated.


Update: Confirmed by Apple.

It's a shame that the 24-incher is going, but the price point is too close to the 27-incher. There's only a $100 difference, yet the resolution density of the 27-inch version is amazing—as we've seen it on the iMac.


The 30-incher, however, really does need to go. From its non-LED backlight to its aging design, it's over the hill. It has a resolution barely a touch higher than that of the 27-inch version—which adds iSight and MagSafe functions—yet it's still selling for $1800. That's twice the price of the 27-incher. We won't miss it, or its Firewire ports! [Jason Snell via Engadget]