Apple Already Planning Third Campus

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In addition to their circular "spaceship" campus, because of company growth, Apple is already in the early planning stages of building a third campus.


Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong told the San Jose Mercury News that Apple executives had confided in him that they are already planning a third Apple campus after they finish the "spaceship" building, that has been dubbed Apple Campus 2. Additionally, Cupertino city officials have suggested that a sculpture of Steve Jobs be added to the Apple Campus 2 plans.

The location and design of the third office-park-that-iPhone built hasn't been announced, and Apple has declined to comment about it. We're guessing they told the Mercury News that "Apple doesn't comment of future products."

Cupertino city officials will be holding a public hearing on the Apple spaceship tonight from 6:30pm - 8:30pm PST. If you're bored and you like watching people complain about city plans, check out the live webcast of the meeting. [San Josse Mercury News]


This would explain the model black-turtleneck-shaped office building I found in the bar last night.


Dear apple security death squad,

this is a joke, and in no way means that I actually found a scale model of your future black turtle neck shaped "iCampus™" in the bar last night and it would be incredibly pointless to unlawfully search my house, unless you really want to find a disturbing amount of "I'm a mac" commercial slash fiction.

but seriously, I didn't find your model and I especially aren't thinking of selling it to Jason Chen for a ridiculous amount of money (Jason, you know where to find me).

Lots of love,