Apple Cafes Destroy Starbucks, Take Over the World

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Back in 1997, Apple launched cybercafes all around the world, serving healthy food, digital movies, music videos, and videoconferencing with other patrons. Everything using computers. It was a revolutionary concept and they destroyed Starbucks in the process.


That happened in an alternative Earth, anyway. An alternative Earth in which the New Kids On The Block are considered the best band in history and everyone still goes around using shoulder pads. In this Earth, Apple Cafes were just an announcement made by the company on November 12, 1996. These are the designs for those places. Don't show them to Steve, or he will probably order the execution of the people who imagined this plan, wherever they are.

Fortunately for Apple, it never happened. Unfortunately for us, Starbucks still exists. [GUIFX via Cult of Mac]