Apple Cinema Display Rumors: Loaded with HDCP-safe HDMI, Bigger LCDs, and iSight

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Deep inhale. The Apple Keynote is 2 weeks away. And that means the Mac rumors are spinning up like a carnival vomitron reaching its apex. Here's a roundup of the super imaginary monitor the rumor sites have dreamt up, sparked up by the expectation of the iTV set top box. Without further ado, or proof, please put on your fantasy hat and enjoy these rumors like the Geek-issue of US Weekly.

Bigger than 30-inch cinema displays.
•With HDMI connections that are HDCP compliant, for full resolution playback of the alledged Blu-Ray support we talked about on Sunday.
•iSight cameras built in, fueled by the supposed discontinuation of standalone iSight cams.


I'd buy that. Those rumors read like an All Giz Wants entry for monitors.

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