50-inch Apple Monitor In Early 2007?

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Now that the "when are MacBook Pros going Core 2 Duo" question is solved, let's move on to an even larger rumor: a 50-inch Apple monitor.


A source tells someone's cousin who told her guitar instructor that a monitor refresh is coming in 2007, most likely being tied to Apple's iTV. Why sell just the computer, the router, and the video streamer when you can sell the TV/monitor too?

Another bit of iPhone news comes from an employee saying Apple's placed a hiring freeze, preemptively making room for the big rush of telecom managers it plans to hire for the launch.

Our rumor likelihood meter scores the hiring freeze/iPhone launch as an 8, and the 50-inch monitor as a 2.

iPhone in January? And 50-inch Apple monitor [MacsimumNews]


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