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50-inch Apple Monitor In Early 2007?

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Now that the "when are MacBook Pros going Core 2 Duo" question is solved, let's move on to an even larger rumor: a 50-inch Apple monitor.


A source tells someone's cousin who told her guitar instructor that a monitor refresh is coming in 2007, most likely being tied to Apple's iTV. Why sell just the computer, the router, and the video streamer when you can sell the TV/monitor too?


Another bit of iPhone news comes from an employee saying Apple's placed a hiring freeze, preemptively making room for the big rush of telecom managers it plans to hire for the launch.

Our rumor likelihood meter scores the hiring freeze/iPhone launch as an 8, and the 50-inch monitor as a 2.

iPhone in January? And 50-inch Apple monitor [MacsimumNews]

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Lots of naysaying, but the 50-inch model could be a shrewd move. Everyone here seems to be deriding it as being extremely overpriced for no additional value. That's a bit of jumping to conclusions in my opinion.

What if Apple releases a 50-inch screen that incorporates iTV. What if you get a 50-inch media monster? Basically iTunes for Television with lots of input ports and DVR functionality? An entire entertainment center in one piece of flat-panel goodness...

What if they don't release a 50-inch monitor, but a 50-inch paradigm shift?

Now I'm not saying Apple WILL do this, but it is the kind of market move Jobs likes — and we know Apple is already working on to crack into video. Maybe they'll give us the next killer app/appliance rather than just another big screen.