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Who could forget the iBuzz, that fun little sex toy that hooks up to an iPod and vibrates in tandem with the music? Hope you already bought yours because it looks like Apple is about to shut them down. Apparently, Apple is taking issue with some of iBuzz's adverts, like the one seen here. I guess Apple isn't too keen about having "its" silhouette campaign hijacked by a bunch of smut peddlers. Or, in legalese...

"Our client owns the copyright in all the images used in its 'Silhouette' advertising campaign and actively polices its rights in order to protect itself and its consumers.... Certain images used on your website ( may have been copied or substantially copied from those in which our client own the copyright, without our client's consent... Your use of such images amounts to copyright infringement."


Oh, boo hoo, Apple.

The question now is, will Apple ask us to take down the image? Stay tuned!

Product Page [iBuzz via Tech Digest]

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