Apple Gets its Knickers in a Twist over the iGasm

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Click to viewYou may or may not have heard of the iGasm, a variation on the theme of iPod-compatible vibrator, this time made by Ann Summers, purveyors of sauce and smut to saucy, smutty people in the UK.

News of this product has reached the ears of the suits black turtlenecks in Cupertino and apparently they are not happy. More, plus a picture of the iGasm unboxed (and unPantsed, you'll be pleased to hear) after the jump.


Jacqueline Gold, boss of the sex toy company, received a legal letter from Apple (let's face it, the symbol of original sin) asking it to cease and desist with its promotional posters, a juicy rip-off of the iPod silhouette campaign—only this time, instead of the white wires going into her pocket, they are disappearing into her scanties.

Ms Gold's only response has been humorous. "Perhaps I can send them an iGasm to put the smile back on their faces." Er, I don't think it will work on Steve, as I think he is lacking the correct—how shall we say this?—plumbing.


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