Apple iBook's Fatal Flaws Uncovered

After receiving ten complaints (a lot for Denmark), The Danish Consumer Complaints Board commissioned a study (on the microscopic scale) of the Apple iBook G4.

Evidently there was merit to the complaints, since the study did find a problem...


Researchers found that the solder joints around a voltage regulator were designed/constructed in such a way that caused them to deteriorate each time the computer was turned on or off. Because clamping the case near the trackpad will temporarily reconnect necessary circuitry, the firm deemed the problem a true design flaw.

If Apple does not voluntarily refund the wronged citizens of Denmark, the Board will help their citizens sue the company. And if suing doesn't work, they will embargo US exports of pastries (Ed. note: theoretically).

For readers who are interested in their own computers, the issue was only found in early G4 models that still had the G3-style casing. Other problems you may be experiencing include your computer being really slow, your zebra pants going out of style and the limited play of disco on the AM.

Danish Agency Finds Apple G4 Design Flaw [PCMag]

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