Apple Is Working on a Super Thin 15-inch MacBook

MacRumors is reporting that Apple is working on an ultra-thin 15-inch MacBook. They're unsure whether it's a version of the MacBook Air or a brand new MacBook Pro, but it's supposed to be in the late stages of testing.

An impossibly thin 15-inch laptop for Apple makes sense. Hell, it really shouldn't even come as a surprise as the current design has existed for nearly 3 years, and it's been clear that the Macbook Pros of the future would look like the MacBook Airs of today. SSDs for all. Optical drives for none. Thin is in. Nice knowing you, fatty. [MacRumors]



conflabermits, Dean of Speaking Loudly

Am I the only Apple consumer that wants them to keep the CD/DVD drive in at least one of their models?

I totally understand the Air and Mini not having one, but the Pro lines (MBP and MP desktop) should absolutely have an optical drive. CDs and DVDs aren't [yet] going the way of the floppy, and it would be premature of Apple to try to rid the world of them anytime in the next year.