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Announced two months ago and now shipping is the Nike + Apple iPod Sport Kit, a pair of shoes that talks to your iPod, and then lets your iPod talk to you. The Nike shoes keep track of your running (or walking, skipping, hopping, limping or jumping) distance, time, speed and even calculates calories burned, sending that info to your iPod that speaks the data to you so you don't even have to look down at the screen.


When you're done with your workout, upload that information and graph your progress, and even have virtual races with other people's shoes online. Before this month is out, Nike will be releasing the first two of six shoe styles with these wizardly features, including its Air Zoom Moire+ and Air Zoom+ which will retail for between $80 and $100. The iPod wireless sensor and receiver combination, Nike + iPod Sport Kit, is $29.

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