Apple Notebook and Desktop Share Rising (A Little)

It was called the iPod effect, but maybe now it should be dubbed the iPhone effect. The force compelling people to switch from PCs to Macs was doing something this past May, though it's not exactly easy to spot on a pie chart.

The latest numbers funneled to us out of NPD say that in all channels last month, Apple's notebook share increased nearly two percentage points, from 12.5% to 14.3%. In desktops they went up just a tiny sliver (from 10.2.% to 10.4%), but in overall computers, they're at 13%, up from 11.6%. (Notebooks are the largest part of the market these days.)


I can see the Apple fanboys getting excited already, and I can also spot the haters grumbling about the iFavoritism. Hey, it's just one month of sales, and a few percentage points at that, so settle down, the both of you.

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