Apple Patent Implies iPod to Get a Unibody

Last October, Apple started using unibody designs in their MacBook and MacBook Pro. A newly uncovered patent suggests that the next product to incorporate this aluminum case may be the iPod.


The patent shows that the iPod's new casing will be carved out of a single, large and thick block of sheet metal, making the device lighter, thinner and sturdier. Although it may be a significantly stronger product, with it being made out of one slab of metal, it seems that it would be harder to take the iPod apart for second-hand replacements and repairs, meaning that consumers would have to turn to Apple directly for all their iPod needs.

However, having it made out of one block of sheet metal would reduce the costs of creating it. Does this also mean it'll be cheaper for consumers as well? Please, Apple, let it be so. [iPodNN]



And it also indicates that the HDD-based iPods may exist for yet another generation, I suppose, to cater to the high capacity crowd. A unibody iPod "classic" design would be most welcome I'm sure. That chrome-like scratch-prone backplate is one of the glaring design flaws in what is initially very "pretty".