Apple Stores Are Obsessively Designed to Look Perfectly Symmetrical from the Outside

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Apple's obsessive compulsive, super-spartan, Kubrick-meets-Superman's-Fortress-of-Solitude industrial design goes way beyond phones and tablets. ifoAppleStore points out the meticulous, somewhat-insanely clever efforts Apple takes to make their stores visually enticing. Human brains like symmetry! So human brains like Apple Stores.

As much as China's faux Apple Stores looked pretty close to the real thing, there's no way they could come to this scary level of attention. Did you know Apple builds new sidewalks outside their stores to so that they match the interiors? Yeah. ifoAppleStore dishes, with California's 4th Street store in California as reference:

Store window panels and inside stone floor tiles all are dimensioned and positioned to present a symmetrical appearance. In this case, the master element is the stone floor tiles, which are 76 centimeters square (about 30 inches). The glass window panes are then manufactured to a multiple of that dimension.


This sounds like something straight out of the steel mind of Jobs. He did, after all, patent the staircases inside himself. [ifoAppleStore]


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