Apple is using the NAB show in Vegas next month to make an announcement, but don't get your knickers in too much of a twist about it, say our Bothan spies in the company. The Cupertino company is taking to the floor on Sunday April 15, and there is no new hardware on offer, just new versions of the Pro media software, focusing on the Final Cut Studio suite - which in itself is rather good news.

Steve Jobs' ninja teams usually take the first stall in the South Hall, but this year they are upgrading to a bigger booth. Our sources, however, stress not to expect any radical new hardware until the launch of Leopard... yet they remind us that, with Apple, you never know. Oh, and a direct quote: "The next quarter is really going to be packed with new stuff." So on second thoughts, do get your knickers in a twist. Now.


Apple To Hold Special Event At NAB [MacWorld]

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