Apple TV Finally Gets Good With Major tvOS Update

Image: Apple
Image: Apple

The developer preview for the latest version of tvOS just dropped, and it’s made some minor—but seriously great—improvements to the Apple TV.


There’s the Roku-like Remote app for iOS, which will allow users to navigate their Apple TV from their phone—including using a keyboard to search via Siri. And there’s Live Tuning, which lets you immediately hop into a live stream on an app (with, we should note, few mentions of compatible apps).

A major change from other set-top boxes is Single Sign On. In a world of multiple authentications, Single Sign On could be a security nightmare, but it could also be a major convenience. Log into all your different accounts, from Hulu to Netflix to ESPN, via one app.

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Apple also introduced the ability to automatically download apps to your phone, tablet, and set-top box at once.

Yes, these are all tiny changes, but together they makes Apple TV one of the most fully featured set top boxes now available.


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I’m pretty sure that Remote app for iOS has existed forever. They added Apple TV controls to the old iTunes Remote app when the Apple TV launched!