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Apple Was NOT Hacked

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey people, was NOT hacked. This is what happened:

The internet uses something called domain names to work. There are first level domains (like .com), second level domains (like .apple.) and third level domains (like www.).

Anyone can register any second level domain as long as it is available. After buying a second level domain, you can add any third level domain you want. Anything. Example:

1. Buy the domain
2. Set it up in your DNS and start adding any third level domain you want. Like:


Done. It's pretty simple. Anyone can do it.

Then, when you do a whois search on or or tim.cook.cock, you will get domains that contain that string. That will include your second level domain. Apple or Google or Tim Cook's cock or the entire world don't care about any of your stupid third-level domain. They only care about what is in their second level domains.


So no, there's no hacking here. There's no secret stuff. Apple was just down briefly because of traffic or a technical problem. Not because of any "whois" glitch. This stupid "funny" stuff has been done since the Internet domain structure started, years ago. And it's not funny anymore.

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