Apple Will Unveil iPad 2 On March 2

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All Things D just reported that Apple will be holding their iPad 2 unveiling on March 2. No official invites have gone out yet, so think of this one as a strong rumor. Here's an outline of what we think the next iPad is going to have. And even if you don't believe ATD's "confirmed" rumor, a bunch of signs are pointing at an event or announcement very soon. [AllThingsD]




All I need really is the better proc setup, more RAM and possibly a better storage option and I'll be happy. I'd say the facetime cam is obvious. I mean, Apple would have to be filled with daft assholes to simply ignore this in the second gen. The other camera I'd say is very likely, but definitely the front-facing one. I'm only half wishing for the retina display, because I don't see them even getting that on a display this large just yet. The SD card slot would be fantastic, IF it allows for actual storage expansion. If it serves little more than a picture transfer thing, I don't give a shit.

I feel that rev 3 will be the really good upgrade. I think that this is just going to be filling in some of the holes people felt that the iPad had soon after release.