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Apple Working on Software Fix For iPhone 3G Reception Problems

Illustration for article titled Apple Working on Software Fix For iPhone 3G Reception Problems

According to Businessweek, the solution to the iPhone 3G's chipset issues could be easier than most of us probably expected. Apparently, Apple set up the Infineon chip to demand more of a 3G signal than was necessary, which resulted in a switch back to the slower network if there are too many people in the area using an iPhone at the same time. This involves an issue with software on the chip which can probably be remedied through an upgrade instead of a costly and annoying recall. Businessweek claims that Apple and chip maker Infineon are hard at work on the fix and it could be released as early as the end of this month. [Businessweek via CNET]


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I live in Austin, TX and my 3G is very bad. I am in 3G only 20% of the time, 1-2 bars at best. My friends and coworkers with LG, SE and Nokia phones on the same network are in 3G almost all of the time, right next to my phone which is barely hanging on to 3G or more often in 2G (EDGE).

For those of you that claim great service: in San Antonio, 3G on my phone was perfect. This just shows how picky the phone is, not how bad the network is. In SA, AT&T's world headquarters, the reception is fine because of a super-saturated network (look at AT&T's tower saturation compared to Austin's, and SA is flat). Maybe those with 'no problems' live in an area with super-saturated 3G. I know that 3G was originally deployed on the 2G network's towers, yet 3G doesn't propagate as far as a 2G signal.

This is my second iPhone 3G, both with the same problems.

I don't know if recent reports of only 3% of people hare having this issue with the phone, or 3% of calls are affected by this issue (much higher than AT&T's 1% normal call-drop rate, as reported).

I would venture to say that quite a bit of people are having this problem, as all phones I've seen in the AT&T and Apple stores have horrible signals compared to other 3G phones. Additionally, all of my friends and coworkers have hardly any 3G on their phone, either in or next to Downtown Austin....

Shame, Apple. Announce something!