You all know Steve's favorite phrase other than "one more thing" is BOOM! Well there were definitely less booms at this this keynote than at Macworld '07. In fact, by our count, there were only eight. That's seven fewer than Macworld's 15. Of course the question that all of our financially minded readers are asking right now is, how did this correlate with Apple's stock price?

Well, pretty much just as you would expect. Less booms were a result of less jaw- dropping announcements. And less announcements means stock price no-go-up'y. In fact at end-of-day their closing price was down $4.45 from their daily high of $126.15.


Steve, I guess that means either you have got to pump up the boom-count or make sure that on keynotes like today each boom really counts.

Complete Transcript of Steve Jobs, Macworld Conference and Expo, January 9, 2007 [MYiTablet]

Editor's note: There were technically nine booms today by my count, with the last boom uttered by iPhone Software VP Scott Forstall. Too bad only Jobs booms count. Also, I think Steve was toying with us in the middle there when he went boom...boom boom boom boom five times in a row.