Apple WWDC Keynote Video Now Up

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Now you—yes you—can relive all 112 minutes of Steve Jobs' keynote from yesterday, as well as watch the official iPhone 4 video. Everyone loves a gesticulating Jonny Ive, after all. [Keynote video and iPhone 4]

Update: Reader Brantley tells us that Apple edited abotu 2 minutes out of the keynote when Jobs was having Wi-Fi trouble. This includes the part where someone yelled "Verizon".

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I won't lie, looks like an incredible phone...But it really makes me wonder what they were thinking with the iPad. The latter looks like a joke in front of the former. the iPhone 4 has nearly as many pixels on a much smaller display for higher DPI (326!), it has the same processor and most likely the same RAM, the iPad does not have a single camera while the iPhone has two, AT&T just eliminated unlimited data for the iPad, and of course the iPad is unsubsidized....Honestly, if they had the iPhone 4 coming down the pipeline, they should have beefed up the iPad more.

In any case, I'm still gunning for an Evo 4G.