Apple/YouTube Spank iPhone Skin Maker For This Video

For those who tuned in a little late, we'll run you through the story. It all starts when one guy makes an iPhone skin that can run on his PocketPC.

For a few days before Chinese New Year, I've actually been quite busy developing my very own iPhone interface for the PocketPC. After looking at the functions and interface on the iPhone, I was keen on bringing it over to my Eten M600 PPC. The iPhone interface was pratical, looked neat and it was way cooler than any wm5 theme....Although this looks like an iPhone, it will never be an iPhone. But until it is released in July this year, all we can do is to try and imitate.

So far the world is still rainbows and butterflies. Then he decides to post a YouTube video of it running on his PocketPC. A few days pass...

Finally Apple stepped in and ordered youtube to remove my video. I thought I would get an email from them but I don't think they will bother anymore after this. So yea, it has been a very strange 3 days, with 2 suspensions of my site account due to overusage and some people wanting to get me sued so badly.

I think if you're in my shoes you won't be thinking that way. I did not put this video up to show off what I did. I'm just showing you the possibilities of a ppc, showing you that it can be done. About a hundred years ago, before the Wright brothers invented the plane, nobody thought it was possible for man to fly. After their historical flight at Kitty Hawk, planes started appearing and air travel became possible. Today, almost everyone can fly (with Airasia's cheap flights). And so the whole perspective has changed because someone figured out how to do it.


So what did he do wrong illegal in posting what is essentially a video technical demo with software that he created (not even downloadable) on hardware he owns? And sure, that's a rhetorical question, but I wouldn't mind anyone well-versed in the topic to give us a real, legal explanation on the matter. Oh, and if you were not one of the 100,000 who saw the video...

I feel just horrible for putting that link on our site. How will I sleep tonight?

Apple Removes iPhone Interface [digg]

The programmer's site, scroll down for all iPhone stuff [tzywen]

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So some guy in his basement was able to put a device together with much of the iPhone ooh-and-aah before Apple can? I am glad Apple had a couple of great ideas for how mobile phones could be more elegant, but I hope they have some other ideas up their sleeve before launch day.